ANVISA published, at the beginning of this month, the Technical Note No. 01/2018 with GENERAL GUIDELINES FOR HAND HYGIENE IN HEALTH SERVICES, with the purpose of guiding managers and professionals who work in the health services on the basic and necessary requirements for products selection for hand hygiene in health services.


The main focus is on hospitals, health facilities or clinics, where the management of people suffering from infections is constant and, therefore, care must be reinforced. The technical note prepared by Anvisa is intended to implement improvements in its units as part of the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO).


Check out the main topics covered:

·         Basic requirements for selection of products for hand hygiene in health services (antiseptic handrub)

·         Basic requirements for selection of gloves (sterile and non-sterile)

·         Preoperative preparation or surgical antisepsis of the hands

·         Post-market recommendations for products involved in hand hygiene


Access Technical Note No. 01/2018 here


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