Dr. Francisco Guimarães


Dr. José Abol Corrêa

Board of Directors

Dr. Juno Damasceno Silva

Technical Board

Dra. Maria Elizabeth Menezes

Quality Directorate


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Administration / Microbiology
Dr. Estevão José Colnago
Molecular biology
Dra. Maria Elizabeth Menezes
Molecular Biology / Immunohematology
Dra. Alessandra Stefânia Dias
Molecular Biology / Electrophoresis
Dra. Maria Aparecida dos Reis
Dr. Humberto Marques Tibúrcio
Biosafety / Microbiology
Prof. Mateus Mandu de Souza
Clinical Cytology
Dr. Orildo dos Santos Pereira
Food / Microbiology
Dra. Maria Isabel Figueiras Neufeld
Prof. Marcos Kneip Fleury | Prof. Paulo Cesar Naoum
Quality Control / Virtual Images
Dr. André Luis de Souza
Prof. Antonio Walter Ferreira | Prof. Paulo Jaconi Saraiva
Immunology / Quality Control
Dr. André Valpassos Pacifici Guimarães
Dr. João Batista Costa Neto
Prof. Paulo Murillo Neufeld
Parasitology / Microbiology
Dra. Elvira Maria Loureiro Colnago
Production and Research
Dr. Mario Teixeira Antonio | Dra. Roseana Seabra Nogueira | Dr. Francisco Edison Pacifici Guimarães
Quality Management System
Dra. Andrea Piazza | Dra. Isabeth Gonçalves Silveira | Dr. Luiz Fernando Barcelos
Serology for Blood Banks
Dr. Amadeo Sáez Alquezar
Toxicology / Urinalysis / Autoimmunity
Dr. Robson Ferreira Ferraz Santos

The technical-scientific team of the National Quality Control Program is formed by a General Coordinator and by Scientific Advisers. Most of this team participates in meetings, as effective members of different national and international organizations, with the aim of bringing up-to-date knowledge for the continuous improvement of quality and dissemination to Participating Laboratories and Blood Banks.

Both the general coordinator and the scientific advisers are professionals with proven knowledge in clinical analysis and quality control, which values ​​the PNCQ in the national and international scientific circles. These professionals offer technical-scientific assistance to the Participating Laboratories, as well as being in charge of studying the development of new control samples and their validation, giving courses in the country and abroad on Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Total Quality Management.

During the Brazilian Congresses of Clinical Analysis, at the PNCQ stand, the Advisers are available to the Participating Laboratories to discuss common problems, in addition to receiving suggestions for improving the PNCQ.


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