The PNCQ – National Quality Control Program – started in 1976, during the 5th Brazilian Congress of Clinical Analyzes in Belo Horizonte – MG, where a freeze-dried serum was distributed to some laboratories for certain dosages in biochemistry.

Subsequently, other control samples were sent, with no defined frequencies. From then on, the PNCQ was administered by SBAC, Brazilian Society of Clinical Analyzes, now directly or outsourced, when in 1985, SBAC decided definitively for the management of the PNCQ, until it was transformed into an independent legal entity in 1993, giving beginning of a phase of growth and modernization of the Program, making it the largest and best existing in the country, with the introduction of new materials for External Control, computerized spreadsheets for insertion of results in the PNCQ Data Processing Center, through the Internet, providing speed in evaluating the responses of its customers.

Today, the PNCQ is proud to be the largest Proficiency Testing Provider of national size and to represent Brazil in several international scientific associations, in addition to having a considerable adhesion of Clinical Laboratories, both national and international, which is being processed continuously.

Quality policy

  • Ensure the satisfaction of participating clinical laboratories and other customers with quality services;
  • Collaborate to improve the quality of participating clinical laboratories;
  • Maintain partnership activities with suppliers, in favor of quality;
  • Offer your employees opportunities for professional development;
  • Commitment to the requirements, implementation and continuous improvement of the PNCQ Quality Management System in accordance with the applicable standards and the obtained certifications and accreditations;
  • Develop and supply products that demonstrate quality, efficiency and superior performance, ensuring competence in the production of reference material.

Quality objectives

  • Satisfaction of participating clinical laboratories and other customers;
  • Improving the quality of participating clinical laboratories;
  • Partnership with suppliers;
  • Training of its employees;
  • Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System;
  • Provide products and services with excellence in accordance with the requirements of ABNT NBR ISO 17034: 2017; ABNT NBR ISO / IEC 17043: 2011, ABNT NBR ISO 9001: 2015 and ABNT NBR ISO / IEC 17025: 2017.

Access the PNCQ Declaration of Impartiality  here.


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