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    External Quality Control is a important element for the quality and accuracy of Laboratory reports.

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    Clinical Laboratories and Hemotherapy Services

    Participants are from Brazil, Latin America, Europe and Africa.


    CRMs can be used for calibrating equipment, assigning values ​​to other materials, validating and verifying the performance of analytical systems and quality control.

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    Samples for external control and internal quality control for clinical laboratories, molecular biology, cytopathology, Blood Banks and Hemotherapy, Toxicology and Occupational Medicine Services.

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Throughout the Brazilian Territory and abroad, the PNCQ works with Clinical Laboratories and Blood Banks to monitor their analytical performance.


Have an External Quality Control Program in your laboratory. Mandatory by ANVISA’s RDC 302: 2005, the proficiency test guarantees the quality of the modern clinical laboratory, allowing the results to be compared with other laboratories, which makes it possible to evaluate its long-term performance.

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  • Get information on the degree of analytical performance
  • Detect any non-compliance in your processes
  • Study the influence of the methods, standards and calibrators used
  • Be recognized for your quality and accuracy
  • Get access to free PNCQ manuals
  • Have performance indicators made simple

Sending the Samples

The PNCQ sends the control samples, according to the contract, in the 1st or 2nd week of the month.


Quick count

The participating laboratory receives, analyzes the control samples and sends the results until the 5th of the following month.


Available data

Within 48 hours, after the 5th, a general evaluation report on the lot and participating laboratories is available.

Degree of performance

Obtain information on the degree of analytical performance of your laboratory in relation to all other laboratories participating in the PNCQ

Correct deviations

Detect any non-compliance in your processes, enabling the implementation of corrective or preventive actions

Compare results

Study the influence of the methods, standards and calibrators used and compare their results with those of other laboratories


For every size and complexity

The PNCQ provides participating clinical laboratories with two types of programs, according to the quantity and complexity of their activity. Basic Program and Advanced Program

Download here  contract of the Clinical Laboratory Program

ADVANCED PROGRAMS are made up of other analytes that complete the number of analyzes performed at the Clinical Laboratory. Include all control samples available in the PNCQ Programs, covering several specialties – See


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PNCQ Library

The PNCQ has an important role in the dissemination of knowledge and information. Our library is a reference for the area of Clinical analysis and now our user can find the desired information more quickly.

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