PNCQ Manager (Software)

PNCQ  has more than 5.600  members, and based on its experience, developed the software PNCQ  MANAGER, a tool of easy operation that helps the Laboratory to prepare and organize all the documentation of a Quality Management System, allowing its control and making it available in order to support  the collaborators in their activities.   

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Through its use, the laboratory is able to develop a structure for a continuous improvement, enlarging the quality of the services rendered to its clients.                          

PNCQ  Manager is a software of  Quality Management System developed according to the requirements of the National System of  Accreditation  –  DICQ, of the RDC 302:2005 of  ANVISA  and of  ABNT  NBR NM  ISO  15.189:2008.

The software has  more than 80 document models made to a hypothetical laboratory, in Word, in order the laboratories may adapt them  to their realities.  The laboratory can also import documents already made for the system. The different access profiles and the restrictions of alteration and printing of documents by the  collaborators allow to use the documentation in a controlled way. It may be installed in a network, making the documentation available in an electronic media.      

 If it is necessary, the laboratory may hire a personal Consulting  with qualified professionals who will help in the implantation of the Quality Management System. To do so, the laboratory only needs to get in touch with  PNCQ. 

The National Agency of  Supplementary Health  –  ANS, published the Normative Resolution  267  on August 25th , 2011,  where the covenants and health plans shall spread to the citizens information about the qualification of their network. To the clinical laboratories the qualification requirement is the  ACCREDITATION.       

 With the Accreditation of the Quality Management System the Laboratory will be able to develop a structure for a continuous improvement, enlarging the quality of the services rendered to its clients. 

To make the implantation of the Quality Management System of the Clinical Laboratories easy, PNCQ  offers courses of Preparation of the Laboratory for the Implantation of a Quality Management System  – PNCQ  Manager  and Formation of Internal Auditors.  

The laboratories that buy the  PNCQ  Manager software and wish to participate in the Course won’t have to pay the enrollment, up to two participants.

Investment Value:

U$ 900,00 (nine hundred dólars)

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