PNCQ (National Program for Quality Control) is the largest proficiency testing provider in the country with more than 5,600 participating laboratories. The work developed for Brazilian, Latin American, European and African laboratories in search of excellence is confirmed by important certifications:

Specific standard of general requirements for the competence of proficiency testing providers and for the development and operation of proficiency testing programs. The General Coordination for Accreditation of the National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality – Inmetro granted PNCQ Accreditation according to requirements established in the ABNT NBR ISO IEC 17.043: 2011 standard, which constitutes the formal expression of recognition of its competence as a provider of proficiency tests .

ABNT NBR ISO/IEC 17043:2011- Proficiency Testing Provider

A Reference Material Producer needs to demonstrate its technical and scientific competence to ensure appropriate quality in the production of an MRC. PNCQ is the pioneer in the production of an MRC in this segment of Clinical Chemistry, whose demand is growing, both as a consequence of the improvement in the accuracy of measurement equipment, and by the demand for more accurate and reliable data in the area of analytical procedures in the processes of Accreditation of clinical aboratories and validation of in vitro diagnostic reactions. The PNCQ was evaluated by a team of specialists from the General Coordination for Accreditation of Inmetro (Cgcre), who granted the PNCQ the competence in the operation of Reference Material Production, according to the standard ABNT NBR ISO 17034: 2017.

ABNT NBR ISO 17034:2017- Reference Material Producer.

Proficiency Testing ProviderThe Brazilian Network of Health Analytical Laboratories – REBLAS is a qualification granted by ANVISA, according to criteria established by RDC 12: 2012. The laboratories that make up REBLAS are evaluated by the General Management of Public Health Laboratories – GGLAS. In 2013, REBLAS granted the qualification to the PNCQ, due to its technical competence to carry out studies and analyzes to which it proposes, with the objective of guaranteeing the good quality of services and products.


The GMP certificate is granted by the General Management of Inspection, Quality Monitoring, Control and Inspection of Inputs, Drugs, Products, Advertising and Publicity of the National Health Surveillance Agency – ANVISA, from the Ministry of Health. The PNCQ also received in 2013 , this Certificate in Good Manufacturing Practices and Control of Health Products in National Diagnostic Products for in vitro use, duly registered by the company with ANVISA.

Boas Práticas de Fabricação/ANVISA

This certification provides conformity to all PNCQ activities: improvement of internal processes, training of employees, monitoring of the work environment, verification of customer, employee and supplier satisfaction, continuous process of improving the quality management system, including materials, products, processes and services. The Brazilian Association of Technical Standards – ABNT awarded the Quality Management System Compliance Certificate: ABNT NBR ISO 9001: 2015 for the activities of Proficiency Testing Provider, producer of control samples and Reference Material for clinical laboratories, banks of blood, in vitro diagnostic organizations, blood banks and in the food segment, water analysis, medicines and cosmetics

ABNT NBR ISO 9001:2015- Quality Management System


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