PNCQ makes PRO-IN available in real time free of charge, a tool that assists Participating Laboratories in the preparation and evaluation of their internal control. In the current version, navigation is even easier, and the entry of values ​​more accelerated. Check out:

  • The Simplified Launch allows you to make several launches at once for a given PRO-IN Lot;
  • The Specialties were grouped in the Control Samples query screen, avoiding navigation through several pages;
  • The Levey Jennings Chart is prepared automatically after entering the value found in your internal control sample;
  • There is the possibility to check the Average, the Standard Deviation (SD) and the Coefficient of Variation (CV%);
  • It offers the possibility to compare its performance with that of other users;
  • The results and graphs can be printed or filed indefinitely, at the disposal of the inspection of the Health Surveillance or Accreditation Institution;
  • Westgard’s rules can be customized for your laboratory.
  • And now the PRO-IN in Real Time can be used by Laboratories that are not PNCQ Participants, through a simple registration, to know this tool.
  • Use PRO-IN in Real Time and modernize your work! Access the service on our website, and follow the step-by-step instructions. It’s free! Find out how it works,  click here


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