The Scientific Advisors are professionals with proven experience in Clinical Analyzes and Quality Control, which values the PNCQ in the national and international scientific environment and guarantees the laboratories participating in our program a high level of support for their processes and procedures related to the activity and the Quality of the laboratory.

The active participation of its advisors in international meetings and in the academic environment, allows the PNCQ to keep up with the best programs in other countries.

In the technical and Quality Control areas, they study and develop new control samples and their validation. In addition, they offer technical-scientific assistance to Participating Laboratories and teach courses in Brazil and abroad on Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Total Quality Management.

The PNCQ, through its Scientific Advisors, provides consultancy services for the implementation of a quality management system for laboratories interested in obtaining accreditation through the National Accreditation System – SNA-DICQ | SBAC.


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