Quality Management System Consulting

Accreditation of the Quality Management System is a significant differentiation  for the Laboratories of Clinical Analyses, not only with relation to the control and traceability of all the procedures and the productivity increase with the use of standardized documents, but also with respect to the competitiveness in the market.

PNCQ’s  Consulting offers to the laboratories interested in Accrediting their Quality Management System a channel to discuss doubts about the adequacy to the requirements of  the Manual  for Accreditation of the Quality Management System of Clinical Laboratories of  DICQ.

The participants of the Courses given by  PNCQ  Manager receive free Consulting by e-mail during 120 days after  participating in the Laboratory Preparation Course for the implantation of a Quality Management System  – PNCQ  Manager  and  Formation of Internal Auditors.  Know more  

The laboratory can also hire a  personal Consulting,  when an Advisor goes to the laboratory and checks compliance with the requirements, clarifies doubts in a personalized way, by means of a previously agreed proposal.   

For further information, just get in touch with PNCQ’s Consulting by e-mail, consultoria@pncq.org.br or by the telephone  +55 (21)  2569-6967.


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