The World Health Organization has granted the PNCQ the publication rights of the 5th edition, translated into Portuguese, of the WHO Laboratory Manual for the Examination and Processing of Human Semen.


The 260-page Manual for Semen Examination has been authorized by a WHO editorial committee and provides standardization of human semen examination procedures, with all the tests to be performed in the SPERMOGRAM and also serves as training and Continuing Education for the professionals of your team. It is rich in images, tables, comments (interpretation of results) and notes (explanations of methodology). The technical review was performed by Dr. Orildo dos Santos Pereira, Scientific Advisor of the PNCQ.


The PNCQ will send a copy of the Manual, by mail, to each Member in September. In order to complete this, we will only charge the shipment cost, in the amount of 21.30 Brazilian reals, which will be automatically included in the next monthly fee. Laboratories that do not wish to receive the manual must send an e-mail to expedicao@pncq.org.br informing us about it, so we do not ship the Manual and do not make the automatic charge.


All laboratories that perform Spermogram must also perform Quality Control. To contract the External Quality Control – PRO-EX, just contact us by informing your Associate code and request the inclusion of the PRO-EX Advanced SPERMOGRAM Program, which consists of an evaluation of virtual image and video in order to assess motility, morphology, vitality and global counting.


For laboratories that do not perform Spermograms, it serves as Continuing Education for their professionals.


You can check the Manual HERE.


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