Deadline extended to apply for Assessment discounts through the SNA-DICQ

The deadline to apply for discounted Certification Assessment through SNA-DICQ has been extended

Clinical laboratories are certifying the quality of their processes using the SNA-DICQ National Certification System. The Certification seal confirms that your laboratory complies with the quality standards needed for outstanding service, accurate reporting, customer satisfaction and on-going improvements.

If your lab participates in the PNCQ Manager Course, it is entitled to financial incentives (discounts) on Certification by the SNA-DICQ. PNCQ and SNA-DICQ have been partners since 2009, but the good news is that the deadlines have now been extended!

Labs now have up to 180 days to schedule the Certification Assessment after the Quality Manual in the SNA-DICQ has been approved.

However, be advised: the 1st step (registration) needs to be done within 60 days from the first Monday after the Course.

Find out more details here.

Also check out complete information on the DICQ here

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