The deadline for contributions receipt to ANVISA’s Public Consultations 584, 585 and 586 was extended until May 10. Check out the subjects:


Public Consultation No. 584 of 12/20/2018

Resolution Proposal that disposes about the framework of medical devices as intended for single use or reusable and provides other measures.


Public Consultation No. 585 of 12/20/2018

Resolution Proposal of the Board of Directors – RDC, which disposes about the requirements of Good Practices for the Products Processing intended for being used in health care, and provides other measures.


Public Consultation No. 586 of 12/20/2018

Normative Instruction Proposal that disposes on the Quality Assurance Guidelines for Validation, Monitoring and Routine Control of Sterilization Processes and Automated Processes for Cleaning and Disinfection in Health Services.


You can access the form for sending contributions and follow the summary of the main changes being proposed.


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