The Epidemiological Bulletin is a publication of the Department of Chronic Conditions Diseases and Sexually Transmitted Infections of the Department of Health Surveillance of the Ministry of Health (DCCI/SVS/MS); with updated information, up to 2018, about cases of viral hepatitis in Brazil, detailed according to selected variables, by region and state, we highlight:


The current alternatives for hepatitis C treatment, registered in Brazil and incorporated into the Unified Health System (SUS), have high therapeutic effectiveness.


Preventing hepatitis B transmission is a priority, and for this, it is critical to increase immunization coverage among girls and women from ages 10 to 49, prenatal care, universal testing, tenofovir testing, and vaccine and immunoglobulin administration to the newborn. These combined measures, with all inputs available in the SUS, are effective in eliminating the vertical transmission of the infection.


See also Information Note No. 55/2019-CGAE/DIAHV/SVS/MS for guidance on case definition criteria for reporting viral hepatitis, with current criteria used by the Department of Surveillance, Prevention and Control of Sexually Transmitted Infections, HIV/AIDS and Viral Hepatitis.


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