All PNCQ Participating Laboratories already have access to a set of Performance Indicators (PI) for FREE. The novelty is that this tool is even better!


Data of the immediately preceding month should be reported monthly for automatic calculations and charting. Some data are available only to the laboratory itself, ensuring information confidentiality, while others are compared to the results of all laboratories that responded to the PI.


The PNCQ Goals were established according to the reality of the laboratories that already use this tool.


After a period, the laboratory can set its own goals. When accessing your monthly evaluation, the analysis will be available in your restricted area.


The following PIs are currently available – some have been dismantled, providing detailed data for the laboratory:


  • Percentage of hits in the Automatic PRO-EX External Quality Control, according to the previous evaluation
  • Percentage of nonconformities in the Internal Quality Control in Hematology, Biochemistry, Urinalysis, Microbiology and total
  • Percentage of request for a new sample/collection of biological material due to technical problems, for results confirmation and total
  • Percentage of biological material samples rejected by hemolysis, inadequate bottle, insufficient volume and total
  • Percentage of result delays from Support Laboratories by laboratory and total
  • Percentage of reports with typing errors detected internally, externally and total
  • Percentage of client satisfaction

 This tool allows the Director to know the actual performance of their laboratory and set goals for improvement.



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