Calendar and Shipping Periodicity of the PRO-EX kits

The kits with the samples of the PRO-EX External Quality Control are sent by PNCQ to the more than 5.000 Associates, on Monday and Tuesday of the first or second week of each month, according to a previous planning. If the laboratory doesn’t receive the kit until 72 hours after it was sent, it should get in touch with PNCQ, in order due measures can be taken.

Every month the Basic Programme is sent to all the Participating Laboratories. Besides, each laboratory receives the contracted Advanced Programmes, in the following periodicities:

. Hematology II: monthly (12 kits per year)

. Immunology I: Infectious Diseases: bimonthly (6 kits per year)

. All the others: quarterly (4 kits per year)


You can already access the calendar of the kits shipping of the PNCQ control samples relative to the period of October/2017 until September/2018 in your restricted area, or clicking here.

Published: 08/28/2017


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