PNCQ Personal Consulting

PNCQ provides an individualized service of Personal Consultings for clinical laboratories interested in optimizing the implementation of the Quality Management System and in leveraging its Accreditation by SNA – DICQ . To increase the efficiency of the consulting, it is advisable the use of PNCQ Manager software.

A Consultant will go to your laboratory on the agreed days, will check if the requirements are being met, will make recommendations and may also conduct trainings for the team. So, according to the necessity of each client, doubts are clarified in an individualized way, with excellent results!

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Check some of the accounts of people who have already contracted this service:

"In search of quality, Labormonte Laboratory decided to be certified by the biggest and the most complete Accreditation System in Clinical Laboratories in the country. We have taken the course and implemented the PNCQ Manager, a fundamental tool for the quality management, since it helps in the elaboration and organization of the quality system documentation. After the implementation of the PNCQ Manager software, we requested a personal consulting, where the technician evaluates the implementation of the system, checks if the requested requirements are being met, and conducts a training with the team. This consulting was the essential tool in order we could get the Accreditation in our first audit, and in less than a year. I would like to thank particularly the consultant Andrea Piazza, who didn’t spare any efforts to orient us in this process to search quality. PNCQ MANAGER, I RECOMMEND! "

Doctor Patrícia Araújo Fernandes ( Biophysician and Managing Partner of the Labormonte Medicina Laboratorial, Monte Carmelo / MG )


"The preparation course for the implementation of the Quality Management - PNCQ Manager brought us a general and comprehensive view of the Quality Management in Clinical Analyses, mainly in the management of documents and people.

To put it into practice was a hard task, though gratifying when the results of an organization of documents and people, and the standardization of processes and techniques become efficient and will influence in the Quality improvement as a whole.

The Personal Consulting during the implementation of the Quality Management was fundamental, aiming to point out faults, suggest alterations or even validate all the process, showing that we were on the right way. An external consultant, looking at all the universe of the quality management inside the laboratory, enlarges our vision, knowledge and capacity to manage more securely and efficiently the Unit of the Quality Warranty in our laboratory. The Accreditation Achievement by DiCQ , as the final result, was the sum of the whole process: the participation in the course, the implementation of a Unit of Quality Management in the laboratory committed and with the participation of all the contributors, the personal consulting and in the sequence the support of the consultant from the distance. Finally, all the process turned into Quality and satisfaction of the team and the clients!"

Sandra Ferreira Sartori ( Administrative Manager of Laboratório Pronto Análise, Umuarama / PR )


"An essential tool in order we could get the Accreditation in our first audit, and in less than a year. "

Doctor Patrícia Fernandes ( Labormonte / MG )

"All the process turned into Quality and satisfaction of the team and the clients! "

Sandra Sartori ( Laboratório Pronto Análise / PR )

Published: 6/22/2017


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